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Maron Rubber Co. has several years of experience in producing industrial rubber parts and due to imposed economical sanctions, it has had close cooperation with south oil regions, gas and petro chemistry. It has produced many qualified rubber parts through knowledge of its experienced personnel which are certified by relevant authorities. It has also been granted some acknowledgements by General Department Research and Engineering of South Oil Region. It should be mentioned that it is not possible to name all the names and MESC of the parts due to their huge amount, following some groups are mentioned:

1.  All parts of Well-Head (up stream) and Down-Hole (down stream) with polymeric foundation NR, BR, CR, X.NBR, HNBR, NBR, Silicon, Viton and etc.

  1. Production of O-Ring with external diameter of 100 cm

  2. Production of different types of diagrams in different sizes and designs

  3. Production of Cement plug top & Bottom in 5″, 7″, 9 5/8, 13 3/8

  4. Production of different types of casing hanger compression seal Automatic & NON Automatic in differen sizes and designs

  5. Production of P.seal in 5 ½, 7″, 8 ¾ , 9 5/8, 10 ¾

  6. Production of F.S.Seal

  7. Production of S.F.Seal

  8. Production of piston Rubber

  9. Production of plug Tester

  10. Production of Tubing Hanger

  11. Production of all types of well head kates

  12. Production of Oil saver ، Insert valve

  13. Production of Packing

  14. Production of X.Ring

  15. Production of types of couplings

  16. Production of all rubber parts PU, PTFE

The names of companies with whom we have been honored to work with:

  1. National South Oil Co.

  2. Pira Digging Co.

  3. Transporting Gas of Miankuh

  4. Exploitation of oil and gas of Aghajari

  5. Bidboland Gas Co.

  6. Well head equipments Technology Co.

  7. New industries

  8. Emam Ali Industries

  9. Technical and Engineering Services of Nasr Mobtakeran Co.

  10. Arak Kherad Sanat Co.

  11. Esragh Electrical Tools Co.

  12. Hamrah Pushesh Co. (Iran Steel Sakht)

  13. Arak Machinery Co.

  14. Iran Hafaran Co.

  15. Tolu Khouzestan Co.

  16. Safine Asia Co. ( contractor of Iran Air)

  17. Bandar Emam Petrochemical Co.

  18. Amir Kabir Petrochemical Co.

Therefore, regarding the company's long experience and cooperation with governmental companies specifically National Oil Company (N.O.C) and relative companies and also private sector in contract with the named industries and considering quality sensitivity of consuming parts and in line with self-sufficiency and avoiding off-exchange and job creation in the country, this company announces its readiness to produce all rubber and non-rubber parts.



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